TELESTO Technologies, based in Athens-Greece, specializes in Broadband Wireless, Telematics and Telemetry. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has successfully completed more than 300 Broadband Wireless installations for both public and private organizations. The company is organized into three (3) administrative and organizational departments: design services, consulting services and project implementation, each addressing the relevant field of activities. The primary fields of activity include Development and Operation of Metropolitan Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks, Sensor Networks and tele-surveillance systems (Remote Sensing). TELESTO clearly stands out for its involvement in projects that incorporate a high degree of technical challenge and therefore require high expertise and innovative approach. Its competitive advantages include the higher-level scientific profile of the staff, as well as the management skills allowing it to successfully take up all the phases of a project’s lifecycle (study-design-implementation-operation). The company builds on key accounts (including telcos and manufacturers, as well as public administration and research institutions) in Greece and Cyprus. It maintains strong and lasting alliances with complementary players (e.g. engineering and construction business). TELESTO offers integrated solutions and services in the areas of: Point-to-Multipoint Networks, Point-to-Point Bridges, Wireless Mesh Networks, WiMAX, Wireless LAN, Video Surveillance Solutions, Integrated Voice and Data Communications, Sensor Networks and Tele-monitoring systems, Security. TELESTO Technologies is Authorized Value Added Reseller (A-VAR) for Motorola Broadband Wireless (US).

Role in the Project: In the scope of SMART, TELSTO will be responsible for modelling and interfacing several sensors and sensor networks. It will lead the activities associated with modelling the processing of data from non A/V sensors. TELESTO will have also a role in developing and integrating the SMART Edge Server. TELESTO will lead the requirements engineering process, where it will approach several infrastructure providers (notably public organizations such as municipalities and smart cities) of its customer portfolio. TELESTO will establish the relevant liaisons, which will be exploited for the evaluation of the SMART platform and applications as well. Hence, TELESTO will also have a major role in eliciting and analyzing user requirements, as well as in the trials and evaluation of the SMART platform. Overall, TELESTO will have active involvement in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 of the project.

Dr. Dimitris K. Drakoulis, EE, PhD, holds a Dipl.-Ing.EE degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering since 1997 and a PhD in Telecommunications since 2001, both from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Currently (since 2005) he is the Director in the area of Business Development, at Telesto Technologies Ltd, and his main fields of activity include Development and Operation of Metropolitan Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks, Sensor Networks and tele-surveillance systems (Remote Sensing). Dr. D. Drakoulis has participated in various research projects dealing with sensor information fusion involving discrete values Kalman Filter (applied in location estimation), fixed and wireless networks interoperability and has published articles in National and International Scientific Conferences and Forums, has participated as co-author in a book in the area of Next Generation Networks and Network Convergence. He has worked as an R&D Project Manager (2002-04, under the ICT/IST FP5/6 frameworks) with EXODUS S.A., while he has held similar positions with SOLINET GmbH (2000-01), the Telecom Lab of the National Technical University of Athens (1997-01), and as scientific consultant, in the area of EMC Conformance and Testing, with the Hellenic Airforce Industry (1997-99). Dimitris Drakoulis is member of the Board of the ICT Chamber of Greece (eTEE) and is the secretary of the Computer Engineers Society of Greece (ΕΜΗΠΕΕ). He is a member of the IEEE.

Dr. D. Dres. Dimitris A. Dres, EE, PhD, holds a Dipl.-Ing.EE degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering since 1996 and a PhD in Telecommunications since 2003, both from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). As a senior member of the Institute of Computer Communication Systems (ICCS), Dr. D. Dres has been involved as Technical Project Manager on behalf of in numerous telecommunications R&D projects, both EU and Greek, including the EC Research Project MAESTRO (IST - 2003), “Mobile Application and Services based on Terrestrial and Satellite Interworking”, SATIN (IST - 2000) “Satellite UMTS IP Based Network”, EC Research Project “INSURED (ACTS-229): Integrated S-UMTS Real Environment Demonstrator”, he has also worked as a member of the Mobile Communications Laboratory as a special adviser on technology and information system in public and private domain (Athens 2004, EETT, HELLAS SAT) and in the Ministry of Transportations. He has additionally participated in the Greek co-funded projects “Pythagoras-Broadband Networks using Stratospheric Telecommunication Platforms”, “Development of an intelligent measurement system for the multidimensional characterization of broadband radio channels” and numerous other projects in the areas of mobile and wireless, supported by private (major Greek operators) and public (Greek Secretariat of Research & Technology).

The Research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)